Vassilis Koliatsos, MD

Johns Hopkins University

Dr. Koliatsos’s career is focused on the translational science of neural injury and repair. He was part of the group effort in the Hopkins Division of Neuropathology that made breakthrough discoveries in neurodegenerative diseases. In his lab, he has modeled neural injury both in simple models (axotomy) and in the context of neurodegenerative disease (AD, ALS). In the clinic, he has been taking care of the cognitive and neuropsychiatric problems of patients with brain injuries and neurodegenerative diseases. He has characterized neuronal responses to axonal lesions, mechanisms of  transsynaptic injury, and trophic response profiles of injured neurons in the PNS and CNS. In recent years, he has turned his attention to TBI with emphasis on traumatic axonal injury. He has characterized models of diffuse axonal injury and adapted high-resolution clearing methods for use as neuropathological tools. His current work is on molecular mechanisms of Wallerian axonal degeneration in the context of trauma and related conditions, with emphasis on MAPK and SARM1 signaling.


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