Rita Guerreiro, MSc, PhD

Van Andel Institute

Dr. Rita Guerreiro is a leader in parsing the genetic variations that contribute to neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. She earned her B.Sc. in Biomedical Sciences from Coimbra Health Technology Institute, her M.Sc. in Advanced Biomolecular Methods from Aveiro University, and her Ph.D. from Coimbra University, all in Portugal. Her pre-doctoral work was conducted at the Laboratory of Neurogenetics at NIA, NIH in Bethesda, MD. In 2010, she joined the Department of Molecular Neuroscience at UCL, Institute of Neurology, London, UK as a postdoctoral research fellow. In 2015, she became a Principal Investigator after holding a Travelling Research Fellowship US from Alzheimer’s Research UK (2012–2015) and obtaining a Senior Research Fellowship from Alzheimer’s Society (2015–2019). In 2017 she was named Programme Leader at the UK Dementia Research Institute (UK-DRI) at University College London. She joined the Van Andel Institute’s Department of Neurodegenerative Science as an Associate Professor in 2018.

Dr. Guerreiro has published over 200 journal articles (h-index=67), is a reviewer for several scientific journals and funding institutions, was an Advisory Editor for Neurobiology of Aging and is currently an Associate Editor for Neurobiology of Disease.

Dr. Guerreiro was awarded the 2014 European Grand Prix for Young Researcher by the Fondation pour la Recherche sur Alzheimer/SCOR, France; the 2015 Alzheimer’s Society Dementia Research Leaders Award in the category ‘Academic Achievement’, UK; the Fondazione Gino Galletti Neuroscience Prize 2015, Italy; and the 2016 Alzheimer’s Research UK Young Investigator of the Year Award, UK.

Dr. Guerreiro’s work is currently funded by NIH and several private foundations.



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