Mercedes Paredes, MD, PhD


Mercedes Paredes is associate professor in the Department of Neurology and Neuroscience and Biomedical
Sciences graduate programs at UCSF. A native of Los Angeles, CA, she received her undergraduate degree in
biochemical sciences from Harvard University and then joined the UCSF-MSTP where she did her graduate
thesis with Samuel Pleasure and Scott Baraban studying cortical malformations. She subsequently did
residency in neurology at UCSF and postdoctoral training in the Alvarez-Buylla lab where she studied the
development and survival of cortical inhibitory neurons. Her lab focuses on identifying features of neuronal
progenitor proliferation and migration that are unique to the gyrencephalic brain, with an emphasis on the
perinatal period. Their approach is to advance ways to directly investigate the human brain and better model its
development using systems like the piglet cortex. She is a practicing neurologist that serves epilepsy patients
with neurodevelopmental disorders, serves as the associate co-director for the UCSF MSTP, and holds a
passion for mentoring UIM (or underrepresented in medicine) in careers in medicine, STEM, and neurology.


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