H.E. Hinson, MD, MCR

Oregon Health & Science University

H. E. Hinson, M.D., M.C.R. is an Associate Professor of Neurocritical Care, Neurology, and Emergency Medicine at Oregon Health and Science University. She serves as the Associate Director of Clinical Research in the Neurosciences ICU at OHSU, a member of the AAN’s Science Committee, and serves on the editorial boards of the journals Neurology, Stroke, and Neurotrauma. She identifies her work as "Computational Neurology"; her research involves developing precision strategies for the treatment of acute brain injuries, such as traumatic brain injury (TBI), by applying integrative approaches that include high dimensional molecular and clinical data to infer predictive models of disease-related phenotypes. 

Dr. Hinson is a national leader in equity initiatives. She founded the American Academy of Neurology’s LGBTQI section in 2017, and served as its inaugural chair from 2018-2020. Dr. Hinson serves on the American Heart Association’s Journal EDI Editorial Board, and is one of two EDI Associate editors for the journal Neurology.


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