Catherine Chu, MD, MA, MMSc

Massachusetts General Hospital

Dr. Chu is a board-certified child neurologist and neurophysiologist at Massachusetts General Hospital and Associate Professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Chu is the director of neonatal and pediatric EEG monitoring at MGH. Clinically, she specializes in EEG analysis, seizure localization, surgical planning, and neuromodulation for patients with difficult to control epilepsy. Dr Chu’s research focuses on identifying and understanding how brain rhythms contribute to seizures and cognitive symptoms in epilepsy using invasive and noninvasive multimodal imaging. Active federally funded projects in the Chu Lab include studies on thalamocortical circuit dysfunction in epileptic encephalopathies, neuromodulation in cortical epilepsy, and hippocampal rhythms and sleep-dependent memory function. She is also active in several multicenter collaborative networks to improve our understanding of neonatal seizures and early life epilepsies. Outside of work, Dr. Chu is the proud mom to 3 awesome kids and enjoys tackling endless home improvement projects with her husband. 


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