Aasef G. Shaikh, MD, PhD

Case Western Reserve University  

Our translational research spans the fields of motor control, eye movements, balance, and vestibular systems. Our lab focuses on common conditions such as Parkinson's disease, cerebellar disorders, tremors, and dystonia. We practice interdisciplinary science interfacing between clinical neurology, biomedical engineering, and physiology. Such a multidisciplinary approach is truly rewarding, as evidenced by several national awards, recognitions such as federal government, and Veterans affairs press highlights. While we are dedicated to publishing critical peer peer-reviewed scientific literature, we also edit and author textbooks on eye movements, vestibular dysfunction, and movement disorders. I serve as a section editor of The Cerebellum, the official journal of the Society for Research in Cerebellum and Ataxia. I am appointed as the editor-in-chief of Dystonia, the official journal of the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation. I am guest associate editor for the Frontiers in Neurology (Neurotology/Neuroophtlamology sections), Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience, and the Journal of Computational Neuroscience. I lead the task-force for vestibular and ocular motor dysfunction in cerebellar disorders. The task-force is sponsored by the International Society for Research in Cerebellum and Ataxia. This consortium aims to provide a view of the current understanding of the topic, emphasize evidence-based review, raise awareness of the problem, recommend revisions of the nomenclature to reduce ambiguity, and present practical recommendations regarding the diagnosis and treatment. 


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