Teaching the Teachers - A Role for Clinical Educators

Date/Time: Monday, October 24, 2022 - 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
Track: Interactive Lunch Workshop
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This session is aimed at supporting neurologists and neuroscience faculty who want to build a career in medical education.  Neurologists have extensive training in neuroscience and neurologic disease and are often called upon as content experts to teach medical students, residents, and fellows. Fewer neurologists have formal training and mentoring in education or how to teach. Academic medical centers have a growing need to recruit and retain physicians with a passion and talent for teaching, and many academic centers now have designated promotions pathways for the clinical educator. There is a growing demand for neurologists nationally, and we need to have a pipeline of well-educated medical students and residents who will become our future neurologists. The neurology curriculum in medical schools and residency programs is shifting to adapt to a more diverse group of learners, to incorporate more adult learning theory and active learning, and to transition to more virtual platforms for content delivery. This requires dedicated faculty with a strong interest in medical education.  This session is an opportunity to teach the teacher. The goals of this session are to discuss how a neurologist can start a career path in medical education, to learn how to grow as a medical education through curriculum design and development, and to understand how to earn academic credit and find a path to promotion through work in medical education.   

Chair: Alissa A. Thomas, MD

Co-Chair: Romer G. Geocadin, MD, FANA


  • To understand the desired experience of a successful candidate for a position in medical education in neurology
  • To learn how to structure and redesign a curriculum for neurology trainees
  • To understand the criteria for promotion for a clinical educator in neurology

Starting a Career in Neurology Education


Criteria for Promotion for the Clinical Educator


Curriculum Design and Development for the Neurology Educator