Sleep Disorders and Circadian Rhythms

Date/Time: Tuesday, October 25, 2022 - 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM
Track: Traditional Special Interest Group
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In this session, attendees with special interest in sleep and circadian rhythms will gather to discuss recent scientific advancements, ranging from basic science to clinical practice. Two Leader-In-The-Field presentations will be given, selected abstracts will be presented, and time will be allotted for discussion of these scientific presentations. One leader in the field presentation will bring together expertise in neurocritical care and hepatology with assessments of rest-activity rhythm to discuss how sleep and circadian systems may impact critical illness in patients with liver disease. One leader in the field presentation will discuss how artificial intelligence can be used to extract richer, more informative data from polysomnography and how such AI tools will be incorporated into the future of personalized, predictive medicine.

Chair: Lynn Marie Trotti, MD, MSc, FANA

Co-Chair: Sabra Abbott, MD, PhD


  • Discuss the potential impact of the circadian system on cognition in people with liver disease
  • Recognize how artificial intelligence tools may be harnessed in coming years to improve clinical practice and predictive ability of polysomnography
  • Give examples of recent highlights in sleep and circadian science presented in abstract form at the ANA meeting

Sleep-Wake Rhythms and Cognition in People with Liver Disease


Artificial Intelligence and Sleep


Neuroimaging in Kleine-Levin Syndrome: A Systematic Review

Poster Presenter: Alex Aguirre, MD, Universidad San Francisco de Quito

Acute Effect of Suvorexant on CSF Amyloid-Beta, Tau, and Phospho-Tau Dynamics

Poster Presenter: Brendan Lucey, MD, Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis