Neurological Complications of Covid-19; Part 2

Date/Time: Monday, October 24, 2022 - 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
Track: Interactive Lunch Workshop
Room: Grand MN
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COVID19 continues to be a major cause of both acute neurological disability through a diverse array of mechanisms and a key and often dominant component of both the post-acute sequelae of COVID19 (PASC) and so-called "long COVID". We intend to cover the pathogenesis of neurological manifestations of COVID19, the neurology of acute COVID, the neuropathology and neuroimaging of disase, and the emeging neurological syndromes associated with long covid.

Chair: Ken Tyler, MD

Co-Chair: Igor Koralnik, MD


  • Following the session learners will be able to (1) describe the major categories of acute COVID10 neurological complications, the underlying neuropathology and mechanisms, and the proposed treatments. (2) Understand the major signs and symptoms of long COVID related to the nervous system and their diagnosis, proposed mechanism(s), and potential treatment

Therapeutics for Neurological Sequelae of COVID-19


Neurology of Long COVID-19