Health Services and Health Equity Research

Date/Time: Sunday, October 23, 2022 - 3:30 PM – 5:30 PM
Track: Cross-Cutting Special Interest Group
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Health services research (HSR) is a rapidly growing area of research within Neurology. HSR focuses on developing evidence-based solutions to increase access and equity in healthcare, delivering high quality and cost-efficient care, and ultimately improving outcomes across the patient journey. 

  1. There is increasing recognition of racial and ethnic inequalities in the delivery of neurologic care, and an urgent need to address these disparities
  2. These inequities have been further amplified by the COVID-19 pandemic
  3. This SIG focuses on the application of different HSR approaches to improve the quality and value of adult and pediatric neurologic care. The SIG will provide an overview on the development and clinical implementation of quality measures that have been shown to improve patient care across a spectrum of neurologic diseases
  4. The SIG will also review the process of developing clinical and community partnerships to address disparities in healthcare. Finally, the SIG will review the utility of big data and combining multiple clinical and administrative data sources to assess quality, safety and efficiency of care in chronic neurologic diseases

Chair: Sahar Zafar, MD, MBBS

Co-Chair: Neha S. Dangayach, MD


  • Define health services research approaches to improve the quality of neurologic care and address healthcare disparities
  • Discuss the role of clinical and community partnerships in improving delivery of neurologic care
  • Demonstrate the utility of big data in evaluating patient outcomes, healthcare safety and efficiency

Big Data to Assess Quality, Safety and Efficiency of Care in Chronic Neurologic Diseases


Community and Clinical Care Team Partnerships to Address Disparities in Neurologic Care


Virtual Neurology Clerkship - Practical Implementation and Student Satisfaction

Poster Presenter: Dinanath Attele, DO, University of Missouri 

Race/Ethnicity Disparities Among Migraine Clinical Trials Between 1995-2021: An Assessment of Race/Ethnicity Reporting and Prevalence of Participants Across Race/Ethnicity Categories

Poster Presenter: Maya Pandit, MPH, New York Medical College