Epilepsy in Older Adults — Dilemmas, Challenges and Paradigms

Date/Time: Monday, October 24, 2022 - 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
Track: Interactive Lunch Workshop
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The area of epilepsy in older adults has made rapid and fascinating advancements in recent years. There is now a better understanding of the pathophysiology, epidemiology and clinical management of these patients. However, clinical practice has lagged behind the rate of discovery. Akin to the pediatric population with epilepsy, older adults with epilepsy require specialized knowledge and training. This session will cover varied practical aspects of medical and surgical management of epilepsy in older adults with or without dementia and address the existing dilemmas, challenges, and paradigms. Each talk will review relevant data. 

Chair: Cassie S. Mitchell, PhD

Co-Chair: Vineet Punia, MD, MS


  • Understand differences in pathophysiology and treatment of epilepsy in older adults compared to pediatric populations.
  • Apply pharmaceuticals to enhance epilepsy in older adults with cases complicated by dementia
  • Assess whether surgical interventions are the correct therapy and when they can be safely applied to older adults with epilepsy with or without dementia.

Management of Epilepsy in an Older Adult with Multiple Comorbidities and Polypharmacy 


Surgical and Neurostimulation Management of Drug-Resistant Epilepsy in Older Adults