Course 3: Demystifying the Academic Promotion Process

Early to Mid-Career Level

Date/Time: Tuesday, October 25, 2022 - 7:00 AM – 8:30 AM
Track: Professional Development Course
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The promotion process in academic medical centers can be opaque and difficult for early career faculty members to navigate. This is likely to adversely affect promotion outcomes, particularly for women and physicians from ethnic groups underrepresented in medicine. Moreover, it has been demonstrated that current efforts to encompass a diverse workforce of academic physician faculty are inadequate and improvements are needed. While specific procedures vary across institutions, many requirements for promotion are shared among institutions, including selection of a “track” (typically research, clinical care, or medical education), establishment of a regional or national reputation, and input from external reviewers.  This session will include talks from a mid-career academic neurologist who recently completed the process of promotion to associate professor, as well as a senior academic neurologist with experience evaluating candidates for promotion. These speakers will present a clear and practical overview of the process and take questions from attendees in a candid, informal environment.

Chair: Anna M. Bank, MD

Co-Chair: Larry Charleston IV, MD, MSc, FAHS


  • Learners will know the tracks available for academic promotion at most institutions.
  • Learners will know the typical requirements for promotion in each track.
  • Learners will understand the importance of building a regional and national reputation, and gain ideas about strategies for doing so (e.g. networking at regional and national meetings or via social media, invited talks, publications).
  • Learners will know that letters from external reviewers are required for promotion and gain ideas about how to select appropriate reviewers.

Charting your Path to Associate Professor: Practical Tips for the Process


Readiness for Promotion