Autoimmune Neurology & MS

Preserving Wellness and Cognition in Patients with Progressive CNS Inflammatory Diseases

Date/Time: Monday, October 24, 2022 - 3:45 PM – 5:45 PM
Track: Traditional Special Interest Group
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The goal of our session is to gain a better understanding of the challenges of treating aging patients with progressive CNS inflammatory diseases and to learn approaches to support wellness and cognition in these patients. The prevalence of CNS inflammatory diseases and the age of affected patients are increasing owing to increased longevity of the general population and the availability of effective DMTs. Currently approved therapies for multiple sclerosis and related diseases are effective in preventing relapse but are not as effective in preventing the accumulation of disability associated with aging and disease progression. Thus, aging patients with CNS inflammatory diseases represent a uniquely challenging population that is currently underserved by existing therapeutic regimens. Managing CNS inflammatory diseases in aging populations presents unique challenges including the complexity of the relationship between aging and inflammatory disease, the lack of clarity regarding the safety and efficacy of DMTs in aging individuals, controversy over when and whether discontinuation of therapy is appropriate, and the importance of supporting wellness and cognition.

Chair: Stephanie K. Tankou, MD, PhD

Co-Chair: Gregory S. Day, MD, MSc, MSCI, FAAN


  • Following this session, learners will have a better understanding of the unique challenges of treating aging people with progressive MS and other CNS inflammatory diseases.
  • Following this session, the audience will know which lifestyle modifications promote wellness and cognition in aging patients with CNS inflammatory diseases.
  • Following this session, the audience will learn how aging influences the pathophysiology of chronic CNS inflammatory diseases as well as potential novel therapeutic target to treat progressive MS and other CNS inflammatory diseases. 

Preserving Wellness and Cognition in Elderly with CNS Autoimmune Diseases


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